The Shocking Revelation of Cannabis Infusion

For exactly minutes after minutes at degrees you can cut your oven off and carefully remove your D carved marijuana now our key and our marijuana have been carbohydrate or activated meaning that the THC a has been converted to THC so that it will give you the head high feelings now we will infuse into the milk and we will begin to stab by setting up our double boiler and filling it with water about halfway and let that start boiling add your pan with the marijuana.

In it and pour cannabis infusion one cup of milk or cream right directly into the marijuana and be very careful especially if you’re using the kit here that’s made to do one cup exactly so careful not just fill it over and we’re going to mix that marijuana and Reef gently into there keeping our heat as low as possible to keep the water on the bottom boiling but never let the milk boil we’re going to set a timer for thirty minutes and for pretty much the entire minutes we need to stand by and keep it and gently stirring if you let it sit for very long without stirring.

It you will get a nasty skim on top just just in a matter of a few moments so you want to avoid that and keep gently stirring the milk you’ll also want to be very careful to wipe down or to scrape down the edges of the pan with your spoon to keep as much of that sticky marijuana and keep down into the milk as much as possible and now after minutes you’re going to strain the entire milk marijuana mixture through your fine mesh screen or also you could use cheesecloth here as I mentioned before and use your spoon or a silicone spatula and press that through there and.

you’re going to get a nice infused marijuana milk this is a nice heavy sickish milk type cream that you could use in any kind of cooking recipe you could use it right away and a cup of coffee or any other recipe or you can store it in a refrigerator safe dish for three to four days our next step here is to make some nice cocoa and coffee drinks probably the simplest way to use.