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How to Get Hired in the Salon Products

She didn’t damage my hair but it just it it obviously is leaving like some type of like waxy residue or something it’ll not wild about but in a pinch it would probably do let’s try Old Spice Forge one thing to note I Shampooed my hair and I still smell the  fragrance on.

My hand so I’m going to drop that down to like a three because one of the things that I hate is a very pungent and fragrant hair product and one of the problems with acts as a general rule is that their their fragrances are just really powerful overpowering actually and that’s one of the issues.

They free a in stink so this drops in ranking but as far as performance pretty good next up let’s try the Old Spice forged putty looks like putty smells very mild not bad oh it’s really soft for you guys that like a soft product I actually like a little bit harder product that typically so will go there it emulsifies basically it’s much much more who added now.

That Basically Sum Up Your Salon Products Experience.

I’m Selling it more you salon products  heat it up who that that is very strong as well and not necessarily to my liking in terms of the fragrance but fragrance is subjective that’s just really strong it goes into my hair a lot easier then the acid and ah so far this is my least favorite much lower hold than the other two and it really does smell and so that just in.

And of itself kind of knocks it down a peg I would rate this probably on the same level as the  the whole is much lower on this then the but once again my hair feels dry it feels really dry and I honestly hate the smell but that’s my personal opinion I really love dove deodorant the Dove shave cream the fragrance of this is really mild.

Dove has just really come a long way and honestly I’ve been super impressed with them so I’m excited to try this but first I got a wash why did I decide to do five I think three would have been sufficient alright here we go let’s comb it into place like I said does has really done.