Nebraska Native Trees: Expectations vs. Reality

The other one  that was on there welcome to Lake  MC McNaughton yeah toy he came up at first  and took a little dive there I thought  maybe he’d pop off that hook really good  yeah when.

nebraska native trees

You’re looking to troll  spinner baits in the trees obviously  you’ve got to find the trees flooded  timber is the key it’s not like typical  walleye structure you’re really not  caring about whether.

It’s on a flat area  or a drop-off area because the trees  themselves are your structure sometimes  they’ll be on top of the trees right on  the tree tops sometimes the walleyes  will be in.

 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Nebraska Native Trees

The branches sometimes  they’ll be down by the bases but what we  do is we troll the spinner baits right  into the trees when they’re coming along  they hit those tree branches they bounce.

Off they’re going through those nebraska native trees fish see  that and they think something’s wrong  with that bait so a lot of times they’ll  just come up and grab it and there are a  lot of big fish that live there so  remember.

 Resources That’ll Make You Better at Nebraska Native Trees

The trees are the key to the Nebraska Native Trees  spinner bait pattern when I dip this in  I’ll get a way point out of there a good  one that feels good  oh there you just got a little heavier I  felt like we’re the hundred-foot okay  boy.

I sure hope this is one of them big nebraska native trees  ones scary it’s hard to tell when you  got got a little bit a line out like  that leg tour and stuff you’re telling  are when you get close to the boat  yeah here’s decided to get me he’s  gaining weight as we speak hell it’s got  to be a good one he just took a little  line on me I did loosen drag a little  bit since.

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